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Words are the weapons that leave scars only the bearer can see


Hey Sparkplugs! Kelessa here, this is a fun personal blog where I can share with you my passion for poetry. Though I am a future medical professional, my love for writing is very much a part of me. So tag a friend and plug in 😘

💥Spark Log

Warrior Spirit

1,2, duck1,2, JabKeep your chin tuckedDon’t forget the training you’ve hadBlock and parryDon’t put your hands downCause if you lose focusYou’ll end up on the groundAnd if you do fallDon’t hesitate to get upHold your ground, Stand tallAnd prepare for the Re-upLife doesn’t fight fairYou gotto roll with the punchesShow them you’re meant to be […]

It was Necessary

I thought it should’ve been easyBut it’s all still burned into my memoryFirst, I laughed like I was going crazyActing like if the words you were saying didn’t faze meThen I was hurt and I screamed and I criedDevastated at the fact that you liedThen I was angryScratch that, I was pissed tf offCouldn’t believe […]


If wishes were horsesI’d forever find myself in a saddleRiding above the atrocitiesThat scramble for my humanityIncite my anxiety And lay in wait for when I no longer defy gravity If wishes were raindropsI’d never go insideI would stand beneath the showerBask in the Thunder’s powerTill I shake and shudderYet still, refusing to Cower If […]

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Young Guyanese Female Medical student with “Pen Passion”. On this platform I seek to continue to embody the purpose of a Doctor which is to help, treat, rehabilitate and heal.

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