The Key is You

Words are the weapons that leave scars only the bearer can see


Hey Sparkplugs! Keys here, this is a fun personal blog where I aim to inspire, motivate and empower through poetry. Remember, your only limit is you and you hold the Key to your destiny.

Come dream with me

Feel with me

Believe with me

Ignite your inner flame with me

And don’t forget to bring a friend along for the ride.

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Love me again

What if I couldn’t speak?What if I couldn’t eat?What if I couldn’t move?Would you still love me? Would you love me when its hardAnd our life’s fallen apart?If the things that we once knew are long gone?If our blue skies turn to greyAnd my memory of you fades awayWould you still love me? Would you … Continue reading Love me again


EmancipatedBut are we free thoughDay commemorated But my community still bleeds yoGained a victoryGot loose from slaveryWe won the warBut doesn’t feel like we ever left the battlefieldMy reality seems like a dream to meFeels like we’re walking through concrete cotton fieldsVictory feels like an illusionOur freedom a delusionStill runningWhile the massas there shootin’But this … Continue reading Emancipated


DysfunctionalAnd if you think it’s an easy fix, you’re delusionalIt won’t work!Stop sleeping and get woke.Do you get it? Do i have to raise my tone?Or let it all hang loose like frayed wires or an exposed bone?Have you ever seen big men cry?Despair and betrayal personified?Have you ever seen anger and rage take up … Continue reading Dysfunction

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Young guyanese female future Md. with “Pen Passion”. On this platform I hope to bring healing through words. And say all the things your heart whispers within…

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